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I'm not in a race with anybody to make the biggest hit movie anymore. I am just trying to tell stories that I can stay interested in for the two years it takes me to supervise the writing and to direct them. 


Steven Spielberg

Production Trailers & Teaser Trailers

Production and teaser trailers are great: you have a certain amount of time to use to hook the audience, and get them to buy into your project. The Video Editing Company have worked on a number of production trailers and teaser trailers over the years. So, if you are looking for a company to put one together for a show you're working on or you just need some advice, just get in touch for a chat.

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Cyborg with Gas Mask. Production Trailer video editing service, the video editing company
Combat  Zone. Production Trailer video editing service.

Below is a teaser trailer for the new series of an existing show that The Video Editing Company put together.

If you are looking for something similar and would like to chat to The Video Editing Company about it, please do get in touch.