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“In order to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.”

Carl Sagan

Set The World On Fire:
Capture Your Audience And Don't Let Go.

That's a great title, and it's key to any successful business, whether personal or corporate.

Your business matters. And with 95% of viewers remembering what they see on video - compared to just 10% who read it - the potential to get your business message out to your clients is massive. It is a fact that videos produce at least 12 times more social media shares than just text and images alone. This can give you a huge boost in every area of your business. The Video Editing Company can edit your promotional or marketing campaign video so you can start reapaing the benefits sooner, rather than later.

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Need a promotional or marketing campaign video producing? The Video Editing Company's parent business DoubleYew Productions can do that for you. DoubleYew Productions offer an all in one solution to your video production needs. Visit their website to start the ball rolling on your project.

Meanwhile, check out the promotional video below, that The Video Editing Company was asked to put together for Olympic rower Zoe Lee, and the Visit Sarasota (Florida) website.