Why Use The Video Editing Company?

your memories in good hands

Creative Individuals

The Video Editing Company are a group of creative individuals who all have one thing in common: their enjoyment of editing. With a background working within the media industry, you can be sure that your footage and memories are in good hands.

Cutting Edge

At the Video Editing Company we use studio-standard video editing software such as Adobe’s award winning Creative Suite series, so you can be sure that your video footage will be edited to a high standard.


In the past we have worked on numerous projects ranging from 10-15 minute videos for companies, to full-blown DVD productions running to over 90 minutes in duration.

Our Prices

At the Video Editing Company we firmly believe that we offer great value for money, and that our prices are among the best out there. That’s why we say don’t come to us first, but come to us last! Bring a quote and we will do our utmost to beat it.

About Editing

Modern video editing is one of those industries that needs to keep up with the times, and that's why editing suites use the lastest cutting edge technology to edit video footage; gone are the days of traditional editing, of cutting and splicing real film strips or tape together. Nowadays almost everything is done using a computer-based non-linear-editing (NLE) system, which is a non-destructive process, meaning the original is not damaged, cut or spliced to make up the final edited footage, like it used to be many years ago; hence the term the cutting room, where films were edited together by physically cutting them. At the Video Editing Company you'll be pleased to hear we are no different! We take all video footage and transfer it over to our computer-based system's HDD, meaning that after this process your precious original is not touched again and takes no further part in the editing; all editing is then done within the digital environment of our system. At the Video Editing Company we use a number of software packages from Adobe's Creative Suite range including Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro video editor; Premiere Pro has been used by broadcasters such as the BBC, and on feature films such as The Social Network and Monsters, as well as being used on Madonna's Confessions Tour.