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Professional Video Editing Services in the UK

At the Video Editing Company, we offer a complete, affordable video editing service for every situation. Whether you want our wedding video editing services, a home video editing, or a business video editing servicethe Video Editing Company has an editing service for you.

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EMAILING The Video Editing Company is often the quickest way to get in touch; together we can bring your project to fruition.

Its Easy

It really is easy to use the Video Editing Company’s video editing services.
Just follow these simple steps:


  • Get in touch!Call us on 01302 288611 or .
  • Send us your footage: digital file* / tape / memory card / USB stick.
  • We edit your footage to your requirements.
  • You review our work online: we’ll send you links to view your edit.
  • We send the completed edit to you.
    *digital files can be transferred to us via the internet for a faster edit.

Cutting Edge

At the Video Editing Company we use professional, studio-standard software  such as Adobe’s award winning Creative Suite series and Apple’s Final Cut Pro X software to edit your footage, to your specifications. We’ll add all the things you’d expect such as titles, background music, transitions and more, ensuring you receive a quality finished production.

Tips For Filming

Filming quality footage goes a long way to providing a quality video edit. Here are some tips to help when it comes to filming footage:

  1. LIGHTING. Try not to film in to a bright light / with a bright light behind your subject. If possible, always try to film your subject matter with the light shining on them from the front / behind you (the person filming) / side.
  2. MOBILE PHONES. Filming videos such as weddings and other events using a mobile phone is very popular. If you are going to be filming with a mobile phone it is always best to do so holding the phone in a LANDSCAPE (length ways) manner, rather than PORTRAIT (straight up). Filming in portrait will mean your footage will NOT fill the screen properly when viewed back on a TV or computer monitor; you will have a broad black band on each side of the footage, with the footage in the middle of the display.
  3. AUDIO. Recording audio too high will result in peaking / clipping. If your camera has some kind of audio / mic level display, make sure this never goes over 3/4 of the maximum input level; if the level enters the red, it is too high. Once audio is recorded too high and harsh clipping occurs then the audio is basically ruined, and cannot be fixed in most cases.

Prices & Video Editing Packages

Cut straight to the chase by heading over to our Prices & Video Editing Packages page, where you can  find details our editing services and costs.

Some Of Our Corporate Clients

As well working with the public, many corporate clients have used The Video Editing Company to edit their projects, including:




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